Spring 2009 preview

My first post here I guess. xD

I’m probably going to end up blogging two anime series this Spring. It’s a lot more better than the Winter season, where I’m not watching anything at all.

Many thanks to T.H.A.T Anime blog, ANN, and Wikipedia. 8D

Pandora Hearts


Studio: Xebec

Air date in Japan: April 2

Chances of blogging: Okay

It look’s kickass, although the studio Xebec is just holding me back for some odd reason. Kanokon was just stupid and perverted, normly I’m able to handle stupid stuff, but perverted that’s close to hentai? No way. I’ll end up blogging the first episode too see is it’s any good.

Hayate no Gotoku 2!!


Studio: JC Staff

Air date in Japan: April 3

Chances of blogging: Good, that is if I can take Rie Kagamiya…

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not a huge JC Staff nor Rie Kagamiya fan at all. I did watch the first episode of the first series, and did like it. I like otaku stuff like this it seems like. xD The random episodes really help too, seeing as I don’t need any previous knowledge of the first series, save for the first episode.

Fullmetal Alchemist 2


Studio: BONES

Airdate in Japan: April 5

Chances of blogging: Like I need a reason? HELL YES I’M BLOGGING FMA!

When I first heard that FMA was going to get another series, based on the manga, I went crazy. Now finally seeing it in full bloom with the trailers, I gotta say I’m even more crazy then before.

Natsu no Arashi!


Studio: Shaft

Airdate in Japan: April 5

Chances of blogging: Good

I’m not that much of a Shaft fangirl. They’re animation always seems the same, much like JC Staffs. I’ll end up watching the first episode to see if it’s any good first.



Studio: Gonzo

Airdate in Japan: April 5

Chances of blogging: VERY LOW

Okay, what the hell is with all my favourite seiyuu in this anime? It has freakin’ Ami Koshimizu, AND Jun Fukuyama. I’ll probably drop the show right away, but I’ll watch the first episode for lols. xD



Studio: Kyoto Animation

Airdate in Japan: Sometime in April it seems

Chances of blogging: HELL YES.

It reminds me of Lucky Star, which was total win. I’m there. 8D

Out of all the shows this Spring, I’ll end up blogging two it seems. xD Oh well.


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