Soul Eater review. (Spoilers for the anime!)

Sorry for not updating lately. Life got in the way again. I got like, three detentions for poking a girl in the back. WTF?

So, like I promised here’s my (Very late) review on Soul Eater!

Homg, Sensei looks hot when he goes into crazy mode. SHUT THE FUCK UP Y'ALL! 

La la la!~ I'm so chibi and cute!~ I love Patty when she goes into CRAZAH mode. 

... Why is Shimigami-Sama on everything? Blue orbs of great justice.

Soul Eater, the crazy meshed up series with freaking everything so right with it. Yeah, you may have heard of it. Chances are that the dub that recently got licensed may appear on Adult Swim late into the year or next year. (Well, that SUCKS.)

Why do I love this series so? Because of the amazing animation and characters. Every. Freakin’. Character. Is. AWESOME.  Some of them aren’t used as much as I’d want them to be. (Like Justin Freakin’ Christ.) And some of them are annoying. (Like Exerbur.) Since the characters are so unique, I’ll post my views on my favourite characters starting with Death the Kid.

Death The Kid

Bang bang. Your all dead now. Oops. Freak out tiem now right? 



I-Is that thing perfect or not? Wouldn't that normally kill you? Oh wait... Kid's a Shimigami nevermind. 

Okay, so as you’ve noticed Kid’s my favourite Soul Eater character. Well, who doesn’t love the guy? His OCD is annoying but makes Kid a pycopath and full of laughs and dorkiness. (Quite like Lelouch’s dorkiness.)

I mean really, Kid’s as cool as cool can be. He has a freakin’ flying skateboard! (Something that I’ve been wanting forever now.) I can’t really put Kid into words, that’s because his personailty is flying all over the place! I do have to say that Kid made Soul Eater for me. Along with Maka, Chrona, and Justin Freakin’ Christ.


Sheesh... Maka suddenly turned into Ryuk from Death Note. ._.;; Nevermind, Maka looks more like something that came out of the Corps Bride. 

Pretty lights!~ <3 OMGWTFBBQ?! 

Crazy Maka to teh extreme! Wat the... that was unexpected. ._.;;

The heroine of Soul Eater. The one who changed Chrona’s life and Soul’s life.

What should I say about Maka? A kickass heroine, which is rare in a shounen anime. FMA has kickass girls I have to say although. Maka is strong hearted and loves even her cheating Dad.

Really though, I love her to bits because she’s kickass like Yoko from Gurren Lagann.  (Whom I love to bits too.)


See? I'm not crazy at all Maka. S-Stop it! Uguu.~ 

Ke ke ke ke!~ Yes Medusa-Sama!~ Cutest. Thing. Ever. 


Chrona, the genderless kid who probably has the best hair I have ever seen in an anime, smack dab next to Izumi Konata. That being said, Chrona isn’t all that tough on the inside, nor does Chrona have any real blood. Just black blood that allows Chrona to heal Chrona’s wounds. (Oh god do I hate typing for genderless characters. And trap characters.)

And sheesh can Chrona bawl! I just wanna hug Chrona at times. Because Chrona’s so cute!

Justin Freakin’ Christ


... Yes, I understand Shimigami-Sama.

Okay, so why am I writing something on a minor character like Justin? BECUASE HE’S A PRIEST WHO KICKS SO MUCH ASS.

Really. The guy kicks ass. And his name is so awesome.

Soul Eater Evens

LOOK AT MAH MANLY HEADBAND YA'LL! That suit is really hot.

 No really, it is. I hear that you have a brother Soul, and you love pianos.

 CRAZY TIEM! Heh heh heh heh!~

I got into Soul Eater when I learned that Soul’s seiyuu is that one that does Neku from The World Ends With You Japanese voice. I started banging my desk in laughter, because I saw that Neku and Soul are so much a like.

Uh… Soul also has a very MANLY HEADBAND.

Black Star


Do not remind me of him at all Tsubaki. OH SHIT NOT AGAIN! 

WHITE EYED! That looked like it hurt.

What can I say for this annoying kid? Well, Black Star is very annoying, says ‘YO HO!’ a lot. And is an attention seeker. Yet I love him.

All I gotta say is that Tsubaki is one very, very unlucky girl.



BLOOD IN ME EYES! :) Don't worry, I'm your friend.

Like woha. Major character change. Nice wall you have here.

I love this guy because of his CRAZAH scenes. Really.

Why I recommend Soul Eater?

<33 So cute!~ ... Why us? 

Pah!~ I hope that Maka will come to see me as her Daddy-kins very soon! OH SHI-! 


BOOBZ! ;3; Yeah, I cried at the secne. I thought Kid really was gonna die.

Soul Eater is really made for everyone. Maybe not adults, nor your parents, but it is made for everyone the same.

The manga is still ongoing, and I’m guessing that Soul Eater will have a few OVA’s along the way.

Did I mention how AWESOME the animation for Soul Eater is? Because it is. The music is also very EPIC.


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