Favourite OP and ED songs of Spring Anime 2009

… I’m really sorry for not posting in forever again!! Been busy with my job and stuff. (Yeah, I’ve got a job now. Don’t ask me why, please.)

Anyway, onto my favourite OP and ED songs of Spring 2009!

1. Again- YUI from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Well, Of course this is my favourite OP for Spring. The lyrics even match Fullmetal Alchemist! I noticed t hat A lot of poeple were complaining that Again just did not fit with Fullmetal Alchemst. Need I remind you that YUI also did the best Opening and ending songs for Bleach ever?

2. JAP- Abington Boys School from BASARA

Dancing samurai, a great GAR song, and Abington Boys School? What more could I ask for in a opening!? Also, really great Engrish in BASARA. Put ya guns on!

3. Falling Down-Oasis from Eden of The East

I wasn’t even planning on watching Eden of the East, but with all the hype I just had too. God, I sure glad I did. Great opening song, animation, real American actors. Sheesh. Although that uh… penis cutting was uh… yeah.

4. Cagayake! Girls-from K-ON!

Alright. Kyoani is the god of all anime openers. I still like Lucky Star’s opening although. I have to give it to Yui’s seiyuu though, she has pretty good English.

5. Super Driver- Hirano Aya from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu 2009

I’m one of those that LIKED this opening. It’s fun, great singing by Hirano Aya, and goddamn Kyoani wins at English.

Don’t say ‘LAZY’- K-ON ending

MY ONLY FAVOURITE ENDING. God did most of the endings suck this season. This is like, myb second favourite ending followed by the Hare Hare Yukai. Quite a feat indeed.


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