Favourite OP and ED songs of Spring Anime 2009

July 1, 2009

… I’m really sorry for not posting in forever again!! Been busy with my job and stuff. (Yeah, I’ve got a job now. Don’t ask me why, please.)

Anyway, onto my favourite OP and ED songs of Spring 2009!

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Soul Eater review. (Spoilers for the anime!)

May 7, 2009

Sorry for not updating lately. Life got in the way again. I got like, three detentions for poking a girl in the back. WTF?

So, like I promised here’s my (Very late) review on Soul Eater!

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Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Brotherhood

April 6, 2009
Painted fingernails? WTF? We want our mommy back! ;3; 
... I swear I do not take after my Dad. At all. LE GASP!
Openeing: Again-YUI

This was a really nice opening theme. Nice animation, and YUI’s just fits FMA 2: Brotherhood like a charm. I heard that YUI took a hitus before doing FMA 2: Brotherhood’s song. Is that true?

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Soul Eater theme songs tribute

April 4, 2009

As many of you know, Soul Eater ended recently with it’s 51th episode done and over with. I couldn’t be anymore sadder. Soul Eater was one of those animes that I was looking forword to each week. There’s still FMA 2: Brotherhood but…

I’ll post my thoughts on the final episode soon, and K-ON too. (I can’t find a high quality sub online for some off reason.) For now though, just enjoy the theme songs of Soul Eater.

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New FMA trailer!

March 22, 2009

It seems like the anime is following the manga. So for those of you that think this is the sequel to the old anime, well, it isn’t!

Unlike with some people, I got used to Roy’s new voice right away.

Spring 2009 preview

March 17, 2009

My first post here I guess. xD

I’m probably going to end up blogging two anime series this Spring. It’s a lot more better than the Winter season, where I’m not watching anything at all.

Many thanks to T.H.A.T Anime blog, ANN, and Wikipedia. 8D

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